Katerina Peña


b. 1986, HK.


Personal :

Katerina Peña
1616 Massachusetts Ave., APT. #6
Cambridge, MA 02138

education :

College: The University of Alabama
Degree: Advertising & Public Relations
Degree: Communication Studies
Minor: English

Specialties :

Logo design and branding
Web design
Environmental graphics
Public speaking

Knowledge :

Color theory
Grids and layouts
Responsive design
Teamwork Desk

Programs :

Adobe Illustrator (CC)
Adobe Photoshop (CC)
Adobe InDesign (CC)
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Preview
Adobe Acrobat
Axure RP Pro

Hobbies :

College Football
Tap Dancing

I have always found myself attracted to challenges and the pursuit of excellence. Building on a long-time penchant for graphic design and art, I took it upon myself to become an expert in multiple professional graphic design software applications. 

Via The Creative Group where I served as an independent contractor, I was offered a 3-day contract gig at Relish Marketing. After the 3-days, I was offered a full-time junior designer position. Six months into becoming a full-time employee, I was offered a promotion with new responsibilities that dealt with more face-to-face client interaction that included presenting and pitching marketing ideas and designs. Two years and three months from beginning at Relish, I was offered a promotion to Senior Designer. 

After three years at Relish, I moved from Atlanta to Boston. I now serve clients in  Boston, Atlanta, Houston and San Antonio. My clients range from tech giants in Boston, to food corporation in San Antonio, to trendy boutiques in Atlanta. 

Hallmarks of my work include a relentless work ethic, commitment to collaboration and insistence on the highest caliber results. I love being able to harness a creative idea and focus it into something tangible that really works for my clients. That’s where the challenges and the fun come together.